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News - check news for the latest on all of William Sadler's most excellent adventures.

Bio - An ongoing account of Bill's life and career. NEW!! "Welcome to the Theatre, Mr. Sadler!"

Flicks -Check out some of Bill's fine work as an actor in these excellent films.

Pics - a scintillating collection of pictures of the totally awesome William Sadler.

Links - an ever-expanding list of awesome William Sadler and ROSWELL-related links.

Chat - home of our famous Bill Board. Stop by and see what Bill and the gang have to say!

Fic - Fanfiction based on several of Bill's characters from film and TV. And more is always welcome!

Shop - NEW! Acquire some unique Bill-o-licious articles and help a good cause, besides!

Dish - All the fun stuff! Gossip, silly pics, and just plain lunacy abound. NEW! Play BODY PARTS OF THE STARS!

Tunes - Coming soon—riffs from that master vocalist and guitar-playin' fool, William Sadler!

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Bill Sadler on his farm (or more specifically, in his creek) in upstate New York. Photo by MJ Bakst.